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  • Nina Scott

Piercings Defined

Demystifying Subdermal, Dermal, and Surface Piercings

For those engaged in the piercing scene, terms like "subdermal," "transdermal," and "surface piercing" may ring familiar. Yet, if you're feeling puzzled—The Loyal Sparrow piercers are here to shed light.

Let's explore subdermal implants. These one-of-a-kind modifications reside beneath the skin's surface, creating a 3D effect that can resemble horns or intricate designs. However, finding a skilled piercer for this procedure can be challenging, as it involves cutting through to the subcutaneous level. Typically crafted from silicone or Teflon, these implants demand a meticulous approach for insertion and suturing. Undoubtedly, they make for a captivating modification, standing out amidst the crowd. Our team does not currently offer this type of piercing.

On the other hand, a dermal piercing combines elements of both standard piercing and subdermal implant. The jewelry resembles a labret but features a more extensive and lengthier end, allowing for a unique piercing appearance in unconventional areas like fingers or the neck. Despite their allure, these piercings demand extra care to avoid snagging and rejection, requiring utmost attention to prevent complications.

Surface piercings, meanwhile, sit flat against the skin's surface rather than penetrating through it. Common examples include the anti-tragus, anti-eyebrow, and nasal bridge piercings. Utilizing specialized jewelry like surface bars or curved barbells, they offer diverse aesthetic possibilities. However, some, like corset piercings, are temporary and pose challenges in achieving permanence.

Irrespective of the type of piercing, diligent aftercare is paramount. Prompt attention to signs of infection or migration can help preserve the piercing's integrity. While some piercings may be rejected despite proper care, adhering to aftercare guidelines increases the likelihood of successful healing.

Now that you know these terms, we hope they've inspired your next piercing; give us a call or book online!

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